Photo a Day – week fifty one


The sun was out, good job as the log pile is diminished!


Buddy and I joined up with the pack of pooches (my sister’s and my nephews’ dogs) for a walk. I was amazed to get all four of them in one shot.


Breakfast. Not sure the granola goes with melon…


We had mad weather on Monday. Lots of snow flurries but ten minutes later it was gone again then half an hour later snow again.


I’m sure I have included a photo of this leaf before, it’s my go to spot with the macro lens, but I think it had deteriorated a little since last time I took photos of it so I’m sharing again.


Haven’t been out for coffee in a while (I’m still sulking that Eggnog latte has to run out…) so I got a shot of our cups when BFF and I managed to get out for a lunchtime latte.


More family activity. My nephew is getting married soon and we went to scope out the venue. My niece was a little phased by it all but she is looking forward to being a bridesmaid. Alas, although I’m joining in the prep for the big day, Gav and I will miss out as we’ll be stateside…… : ((


And that was that.