Read 2015 – Killing Floor by Lee Child


This was another one of those books that was on a list that I found somewhere on the internet. I am very picky about what I read but occasionally step outside my comfort zone and try something different. I heard the author on an episode of the BBC’s World book club and found it interesting that he’s British but writing about America in all his novels.

I found this book second hand and it sat on the pile until a few weeks ago when I selected it as my next read.

There are lots of things that I liked about this story, the first of at least 15+ in the series, about Jack Reacher. I liked that you were on Jack’s side right from the start. I liked the idea that he was a wanderer (although I’m sure if I read more of these novels that would get to annoy me.) I liked the authors writing style, short to the point but he gave so much detail in those short sentences and I liked that I was kept guessing right to the end.

I found that I wanted to be shocked at the violence and amount of destruction Jack left in his wake but I just kept ploughing through although I didn’t read it just before sleep!

Overall I thought it was okay and would probably pick up another just to see how old Jack was getting along but be warned it is very violent and brutal at times.