Lists – What’s in my bag?


This is going to be so exciting, not. But whether the contents of my bag are crazy or boring I think the idea of documenting it is a good one because in ten years I’ll be interested to see if it’s changed or stayed the same.

So here goes.

First of all I’d just mention that I carry a small bag. Quite a few years ago my sister bought me a beautiful Radley bag for my birthday. By the way, I adore Radley bags but gave up leather so can’t buy another – but that’s another story. Anyway the one she bought me was small so I downsized from the great big things I used to carry around and never looked back. I miss that Radley bag so much but it was well loved and well used and is still neatly tucked away upstairs. (Don’t tell Gav I hoard old as well as new bags…)


My current bag is Kipling, I bought it when we went to Brussels last September. I picked grey because I love grey and wanted a change from black. The monkey is called Jamie.


I’ve been a fan of Kipling bags almost as long as my love for Radley.

Anyway here’s what’s inside my bag.


  • Purse, Radley and very worn.
  • Phone.
  • Pens.
  • Notebook (This was a gift from a friend when I took redundancy from the civil service. The cover says The Future’s Bright and it’s from Smythson of Bond Street.)
  • Tissues.
  • Computer card and fob for work.
  • Foldup shopping bag, my Mum bought me this a few years ago and it comes in so handy.
  • Compact hairbrush and mirror.
  • Ipod.
  • Burts Bees lip balm, love.
  • Tic tac’s.
  • A blue plastic fork! (no idea where that came from…)

So there we have it. Documented for posterity. Anything crazy exciting in your bag?

4 thoughts on “Lists – What’s in my bag?”

  • What an interesting exercise. I think I clear out my purse about twice a week without really giving much thought to what’s in there, other than where is “____” Interesting about your fondness for a particular brand/style of purse & bag; again my loyalty has only been to does in have enough compartments, is it black for winter, beige for summer & price. Was this part of a scrapping project? I am going to empty my purse now & really take a look at the contents – I’m sure there is a trend to what I carry about. I would like to know more about Jamie.

  • I got the original idea about making lists of things last year on a blog post I read somewhere. I have blogged about a couple and the ‘what’s in your bag’ list was a topic from that post. On each of the different Kipling bags is a differently named monkey. The story goes that each name is an employee from the company! I have four Kipling bags now and love them all.

  • Didn’t know Burt’s Bees did lip salve. I have their hand care range (including a pair of overnight gloves printed with little bees!) Good stuff 🙂

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