The idea of Meditation has been on my mind again recently and it got me thinking about why I added it to the list because I have made virtually no progress in this area.

Of course it all came from Eat, Pray, Love the book by Elizabeth Gilbert. Oh I loved that book and not long after finishing it I bought the book in the photo above. I started to read it and even began some of the exercises but since then it has gathered dust under the bed.

That was a few years ago.

So what to do? I could remove it from my list altogether and think hey ho these things happen. Or I could leave it on the list and actually start reading the book and working on the techniques. Or I could leave it on the list and kick the book back under the bed…….

To be perfectly honest I don’t know what the answer is. I hoped that writing about this struggle might help me work it out.

I suppose it boils down to a couple of things. I want to be able to do the meditation thing but can’t motivate myself to do it. Meditation is not something to take lightly it takes practice and dedication I know that much just from Elizabeth’s book. It took her a serious amount of effort to be able to meditate and she had the advantage of being in an Ashram at the time. So I know you don’t just read and then do. You must work at it.

So in the spirit of getting things aligned this year I shall leave it on the list and pick up the book and work out how to fit practice into my days.

Anyone else struggling with something you really want to do but can’t motivate yourself to do it?