Read 2015 – A Pile of Books


Hmm… It seems I have been collecting more than I have been reading.

I blame Barter Books!

There is a real mix on this pile both in terms of genre and how I came by them.

Genre wise we have, romance, murder mystery, detective, thriller, ‘classics’ and an autobiography.

The route they took to get here was, a few given by a friend, a couple that I have already started but not finished yet, there are three Agatha’s to add to the collection as well as her autobiography, one was given to me by my Mum for the charity shop but I liked the look of it and then there is the Horowitz. The rest are from various lists  I found by trawling the internet for recommendations of so called great/classic reads.

Most of the latter category is way outside of my comfort zone in the reading line but… I’m giving them a try and we’ll see. I’m trying to figure out how to make myself read more. Something else to work on for Aligning this year.