One Little Word® – Align


Here I am choosing a word for a second year.

I can’t move forward without a little nod to my word from last year. Listen.

Listen and I didn’t get on as well as I hoped we would. I think that I had it in my head from the very start that I couldn’t do this listening thing and I think that mental attitude had a lot to do with the lack of success. I also made the mistake of not getting an album set up for this project. I was following along with this class and as part of the process of making your word more visible you get creative prompts each month. I thought I could use a Smash book instead of an album but it didn’t work out for me.

Even though I don’t think I was very successful last year with Listen I know that I did do some listening that might have passed me by otherwise. For example, I decided to turn down a job offer. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity in the place I work now a few months later so that worked out. And I intend to keep Listen with me as I go forwards.

So Align.


Until about a week or so ago I didn’t have a word picked. I didn’t even think I was going to join in this year with the workshop. But then I took a few minutes to think about words and jotted down a few. I let them sit with me overnight and I went back to thinking about which word ‘sat well with me’ the next day.

I looked a couple up in a thesaurus and one of the jumble of words I found was Align. I added that to the small list.

All that day Align drifted in and out of my mind. I came back to it over and over and it wouldn’t leave my brain so I decided to go with as because it seemed to have picked me.

I have album all ready to go this year, it’s a 8.5 x 11 black American Crafts.

I am enthusiastic and ready. What’s your word?