30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Fig and goats cheese


And now for something completely different! Number twenty three here we go.

I made this one when Gav was out, he’s a traditionalist and like his pizza with red sauce and mozzarella. (Actually, he tried some when he got home and said it wasn’t bad.)

I was trying to get a good melt on the cheese and managed to almost burn the crust, something to remember next time.


Overall I loved it. The fig was very ripe and I think that added to the fruity flavour. I know some folk don’t like to mix fruit in with savouries but I love to. That said I think this pizza would work really well as part of a selection of pizzas or for a buffet party.

Okay onwards to more cheese….

2 thoughts on “30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Fig and goats cheese”

  • Your pizza looks delicious. I don’t think I have ever eaten a fig, either fresh or dried. I am curious now to try one. I like pineapple on my pizza, so mixing the fruit with savory is OK by me (lol).

    • I haven’t had many figs in my time but they are quite nice. You’ve just reminded me of that veggie ham and pineapple pizza we did way back and now I want it again! mmm…

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