Script art and being brave


I’ve wanted to make a canvas with script on it for a long time now. Ever since this amazing artist did it and this great blogger did a similar thing.

It’s not new now, everyone seems to be doing it but I still wanted to try my hand. The problem was that I was scared to try.

I practiced on sheets of scrap paper over and over for months but never seemed to improve. I tried different brushes and different thickness of paint but still made a huge mess across the paper. I poured over the blog post Elise did of her canvas and looked at Kal’s amazing work and still couldn’t put brush to canvas.

Then one day at the beginning of December I just did it.


The words are lyrics from Moondance by Van Morrison a song that is special to Gav and I.

I used Mars Black acrylic paint watered down and a bamboo brush.

The very moment I put the paint on the canvas I wanted to scream because it is so very different painting on canvas than painting on paper. Bumps. So I didn’t start well. The paint runs out faster because of the texture of the canvas and my first word was a mess. But instead of stopping and regrouping I ploughed on till I ran out of canvas.


It really is pretty poor. My handwriting sucks and I went a little crazy with paint splatters after I finished the words. But you know what? I love it. It is so me.


But what I l love most is that I tried. I did it even if it took me a while. And now I know what it feels like to paint on canvas and I’m eager to try it again. (In fact Gav wants me to do one for him!)

So if you are sitting on the fence too scared to jump off and try something new, take it from me, jump. Fling yourself off and try. Because the worst thing that can happen? You mess it up but like they say you don’t know till you try.