Month: January 2015

Photo a Day – week forty six


Office still life.


I found this little wonder out by the compost heap. It’s a self sown Cerinthie in amongst the fall out from a compost overflow. Just growing away merrily without any help from me.


New jar of coffee.


Dropping the Buddy off with my Mum. She met me halfway for the handover. Bless him he’s watching me go….


I made Granola.


Caught by a few snow flakes on his trip down the garden.


Snow again!


Any week with snowfall is an excellent week.



The idea of Meditation has been on my mind again recently and it got me thinking about why I added it to the list because I have made virtually no progress in this area.

Of course it all came from Eat, Pray, Love the book by Elizabeth Gilbert. Oh I loved that book and not long after finishing it I bought the book in the photo above. I started to read it and even began some of the exercises but since then it has gathered dust under the bed.

That was a few years ago.

So what to do? I could remove it from my list altogether and think hey ho these things happen. Or I could leave it on the list and actually start reading the book and working on the techniques. Or I could leave it on the list and kick the book back under the bed…….

To be perfectly honest I don’t know what the answer is. I hoped that writing about this struggle might help me work it out.

I suppose it boils down to a couple of things. I want to be able to do the meditation thing but can’t motivate myself to do it. Meditation is not something to take lightly it takes practice and dedication I know that much just from Elizabeth’s book. It took her a serious amount of effort to be able to meditate and she had the advantage of being in an Ashram at the time. So I know you don’t just read and then do. You must work at it.

So in the spirit of getting things aligned this year I shall leave it on the list and pick up the book and work out how to fit practice into my days.

Anyone else struggling with something you really want to do but can’t motivate yourself to do it?

Read 2015 – A Pile of Books


Hmm… It seems I have been collecting more than I have been reading.

I blame Barter Books!

There is a real mix on this pile both in terms of genre and how I came by them.

Genre wise we have, romance, murder mystery, detective, thriller, ‘classics’ and an autobiography.

The route they took to get here was, a few given by a friend, a couple that I have already started but not finished yet, there are three Agatha’s to add to the collection as well as her autobiography, one was given to me by my Mum for the charity shop but I liked the look of it and then there is the Horowitz. The rest are from various lists  I found by trawling the internet for recommendations of so called great/classic reads.

Most of the latter category is way outside of my comfort zone in the reading line but… I’m giving them a try and we’ll see. I’m trying to figure out how to make myself read more. Something else to work on for Aligning this year.

30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Artichoke, mushroom and green olive


Number twenty four. All flavour combinations we have tried before but never all together.

Although we’ve tried green olives before on Pizza it’s not something I’ve seen a lot of out there in Pizza restaurant land. Maybe on meaty pizza’s but usually you only get a black olive on a pizza. That’s a shame because green olives add a totally different flavour.

I really liked the combination of the peppers and artichoke with the green olives and as for the mushrooms, well Gav sneaked a few on while my back was turned. He can’t get enough of mushroom on his pizza!

Photo a Day – week forty five


I was bought a lovely little insect house for Christmas. Can’t wait to put it up in the garden and then wait with macro lens in hand for guests to fill it up.


We got snow. My favourite.


It was only a dusting on Sunday, maybe the wellies were overkill?


The most yummy cake ever. I think it’s called a Princess cake and no I did not make it.


If it’s Tuesday then it’s the day Gav drinks his tea from a vat……


A teeny bit of brighter weather and I used the macro lens to snap an emerging Hamamelis flower.


The Strictly Come Dancing Tour hit Leeds Arena. Fab-u-lous!


And there we go.

Doing something arty every week


There is nothing like a catchy blog title and this is nothing like one! Ha!

I’ve been trying, over the course of the last year or so, to not just pin things over on Pinterest but do something with those pins. Whether that be making something like a scrapbook page or a card or a weaving but to do something with the inspiration that came along with the ‘pin’.

I started a board almost a year ago with the intention of trying to draw, paint, create using the pin as my inspiration point. I didn’t do so well with that.

Then other day when I was putting all the December Daily albums back in their box I found a stash of note book/journals from a few years back. One of these had a coloured pencil drawing on every other page. I looked at all those doodles and couldn’t believe in that year, I think it 2007, I had embraced the watercolour and coloured pencils so much.

I was inspired by my own attempts at drawing and thought it would be great to make time each week to pick up a pencil or paint and try some art. So I started a new board  with a variety of media from paint to string art to collage and I am going to make at least one of these a week.

They could be simple or complicated but I am going to do something every week.


I started with the watercolour pencils because I can do that while watching t.v and they are minimal, just two items the paper and the pencils.

And the other thing I am going to try and do is perfect the piece of artwork. So if I don’t succeed at the first try I want to try it again. I know that’s just so unlike me. But there it is.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Someone has a new chew toy


You can sneek up on me all ya like, it’s my chew toy.

I can chew it this way,


or that way,


‘cos it’s mine see……

I can hold it tight in my cute dog pawsies,


so you can’t get it!

And don’t think I haven’t seen him sneaking down the stairs either!


One Little Word® – Align


Here I am choosing a word for a second year.

I can’t move forward without a little nod to my word from last year. Listen.

Listen and I didn’t get on as well as I hoped we would. I think that I had it in my head from the very start that I couldn’t do this listening thing and I think that mental attitude had a lot to do with the lack of success. I also made the mistake of not getting an album set up for this project. I was following along with this class and as part of the process of making your word more visible you get creative prompts each month. I thought I could use a Smash book instead of an album but it didn’t work out for me.

Even though I don’t think I was very successful last year with Listen I know that I did do some listening that might have passed me by otherwise. For example, I decided to turn down a job offer. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity in the place I work now a few months later so that worked out. And I intend to keep Listen with me as I go forwards.

So Align.


Until about a week or so ago I didn’t have a word picked. I didn’t even think I was going to join in this year with the workshop. But then I took a few minutes to think about words and jotted down a few. I let them sit with me overnight and I went back to thinking about which word ‘sat well with me’ the next day.

I looked a couple up in a thesaurus and one of the jumble of words I found was Align. I added that to the small list.

All that day Align drifted in and out of my mind. I came back to it over and over and it wouldn’t leave my brain so I decided to go with as because it seemed to have picked me.

I have album all ready to go this year, it’s a 8.5 x 11 black American Crafts.

I am enthusiastic and ready. What’s your word?


Read 2015 – Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater


This is the third instalment in the Raven Cycle and just as good as the first two books. I think Maggie has done a great job of creating this magical/normal world with the theme running through all the characters lives of the quest to find Glendower.

As an adult reading a YA I find the themes she includes about first love and finding yourself and that general thing of growing up are beautifully woven into the story. I’m sure the young folk get it too but I find it so interesting as a grown up to read about that subject matter and let’s face it I am really still a big kid at heart.

Unfortunately a release date for book 4 hasn’t been made public so I shall just have to wait and wait for the conclusion of this series………..

And we all know I hate waiting.

30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Fig and goats cheese


And now for something completely different! Number twenty three here we go.

I made this one when Gav was out, he’s a traditionalist and like his pizza with red sauce and mozzarella. (Actually, he tried some when he got home and said it wasn’t bad.)

I was trying to get a good melt on the cheese and managed to almost burn the crust, something to remember next time.


Overall I loved it. The fig was very ripe and I think that added to the fruity flavour. I know some folk don’t like to mix fruit in with savouries but I love to. That said I think this pizza would work really well as part of a selection of pizzas or for a buffet party.

Okay onwards to more cheese….