Month: December 2014

December Daily® – day twenty three, twenty four and twenty five


And the last few days of this festive season.

The right page is day twenty three. A photo of a Fat Rascal from Bettys which is a tradition around this time of year. I took mine to work for breakfast and rustled up some orange juice to make it and even more of a special treat. More writing on the photo before printing.


Day twenty four starts with a lovely story about a stocking my sister gave me and how Gav filled it with gifts as a surprise.


And the right page is a smaller one with the day and a little writing. Love those layers showing for the following days.


The next spread is the table set for Christmas dinner on the left side. I added a little banner on top of the picture. And on the right is a photo from earlier in the day when some of the family went to the coffee shop after our trip to the cemetery.


And the big day. The crazy gift unwrapping at my sisters and the acetate sheet that holds the number of the day.


And under the acetate a photo and some journalling. I have another photo to add to the top of the page that got misplaced when I was putting that spread together, that’s why there is a big gap. I’ll add it in later.


And the last page. The photo was one of those little captured gems. I’d carried my mobile around in my pocket all day and snapped away (not something I usually do). After getting something out of the freezer which is in the garage I was coming back into the house and I spotted Gav busy in the kitchen and the lights and candles glowing in the living room, I had to grab a photo.

I love it. A true ‘through the window’ shot.


And that’s it. Done for another year. I really love this concept and these albums so.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® – day nineteen, twenty, twenty one and twenty two


Just two instalments left.

Day nineteen, above, was a little photo from the works party. I tucked it behind the banner.

Day twenty , no photo just some words (sorry not very clear here) and a big title. We adore Stricly Come Dancing in this house.


Day twenty one was all about cookies.


Not much embelishment just a label and negative snowflake punch-out.


And day twenty two. A red envelope, my fav with a comedy phrase about not reading what’s in the envelope. I felt like I needed to write down my struggle with the month but tucked it away so you only read it if you really want to.


On the other side of the envelope a photo I snapped on the way home from work of a twinkly Christmas tree.


Back later today with the final days.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® – day fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen


And there is more. Off we go with day fifteen.

In between the spread I added two envelopes that held Christmas cards. It was funny that these two arrived on the same day. You need a little back story to appreciate the joke. Although I’m married to Gav I have kept my maiden name. So one of these envelopes has Mr and Mrs with his surname and one still has the Mr and Mrs but with my maiden name! I just had to keep those two envelopes for posterity!


The left of the page has a photo of my very first snow globe. Maybe I owned one when I was a child but I can’t remember it. I love these little ornamants so much needed to document it’s addition to the decorations.

And the right is a photo of Buddy on his ‘Poang’


We had to move that chair out of the dining room to make way for the tree and he just adopts it as his bed for the duration of the Christmas period.

On to the sixteenth. We headed north after finishing work for our anniversary break. The photo is of my bedside table and all the stuff dumped there when we arrived at the hotel.


Next is the seventeenth when we had a long an leisurely day doing just what we wanted which of course included afternoon tea but before that a trip to our fav. bookshop.


A close up of the sewn down number and stamped snowflakes.



A photo of us at Lindesfarne Castle and I added handwritten journalling to that music score paper.


And the last photo of the day is us on the beach we love so much. I stamped the ‘our story’ on to the photo with stazon ink.


For the eighteenth I simply added acetate alphas (which are so very old. Heidi Swap made these I think) to the inside of the little page protector. I secured the word ‘joy’ with red brads. The legs of the brads were trimmed right back so they weren’t visible.


I know that in years to come I’ll wonder why I didn’t add anything else to this page. For right now I’ll remember that I just liked the way it looked especially the fact that I cut the ‘o’ in half and also that when I made the page I had nothing much to say about that day, December was spiralling out of control at the time, so better to leave a positive thought in place.

And there we go almost finished.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2014 – day twelve, thirteen and fourteen


A few more days. Day twelve was the un-wrapping of our tree. I handwrote the journalling on the bottom of the page.


Day thirteen. A photo of some cards ready to post with my favourite mug and on the right a photo of a cheesecake I made.


Day fourteen. On the left snippets of the wrapping paper I used this year.


And on the right a photo of some food preparation and more writing on the photo in white type.


Okay, more soon.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2014 – day nine, ten and eleven


Like I say, December whoosh and almost gone. But I managed to catch up with the December Daily® album and will be sharing the remainder of our month over the next couple of days.

We pick up on day nine. I added the ‘sunrise’to the photo in photoshop before printing. I was giddy that morning to find such a beautiful start to the day when Buddy and I went for our walk. Not so happy later when the little pooch destroyed a pom pom.


The photo of Buddy was added to the page right up to the edge and then a couple of tags added as a tab to the side of the page. Three gems and a star gave it a little zing!

Adding different page sizes always looks great to me and on the photo above you can see the glittery stars from a page further into the book because I kept that page with Bud on narrower than the others.

Over the page is a continuation of day nine, it’s the same story so I kept the style of journalling.


Day ten starts with a glittery word added to the page and a photo of my niece trimming my Mums tree. And those shiny stars that we glimpsed before.

Over the page I added the story of the tree trimming.


And on the right a fold out page. I love those.


Day eleven is a black and white photo with added journalling all about my trip to my nieces Christmas show at school. The photo was pretty poor so I converted it to black and white and added the story right onto the picture in photoshop. I think that helped with the poor quality picture, sort of distracted attention to the words. Really loving the look of white writing on photos throughout the album this year.


And there we go for now.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

Photo a Day – week forty one


A scene from the works party.


We may have vistited our favourite bookshop while we were in Northumberland. That’s three time this year!


Baking cookies with H.


Garland in the hall.


Under the tree.


A traditional trip to the coffee shop on Christmas eve.


And finally this week the big day. Here is the scene at my sisters on Christmas morning. Yes, it’s is a crazy but there were eleven of us opening gifts!


Hope you all had a wondeful festive week.

Checking in


Hello. I can’t believe that it has been over a week since I have been here in this space. I am contemplating finishing the December Daily album and have lots of photos in various stages of editing in open photo shop as I type. I am also going to post Photo a Day images soon too. But mostly I’m just sitting. Just sitting and breathing and enjoying time to do nothing.

Gav is busy working his way through a new book with a stack of coloured tabs marking all the paintings he wants to see and Buddy is having a long snooze recovering from too much turkey!

I may have mentioned it before but December got away from me. That makes me sad because I didn’t have chance to revel in this magical month and soak all the wonder up. But I shall put that feeling aside and remember all the wonderful things I did get chance to do.

I shall breath and relax and enjoy the rest of this year (oh and enjoy that little snow flurry we had lasnt night).

Photo a Day – week forty


More festive stuff and a little getaway.


Sorry about the poor photo. This was delish Malt Chocolate Cheesecake!


A pile of things waiting to be arranged and sorted.


Ready to post.


We had a couple of nights away to celebrate our anniversary. Here is my bedside table.


A tradition. We are on Lindesfarne and always try to snap a shot of us in front of the castle. We got married there.


A light breakfast!


We are back home now and I am doing my best to catch up with December Daily.

December Daily® 2014 – day six, seven and eight


The month is flying by and I so want to catch up with this album. Here are a few more days.

Love how the page full of little bits and bobs looks ontop of the photo of my niece. And the photo of her is a full page one (yay) with a few embelishments at the top of the page.



Then another full page showing the four of us! I added the glittery letters onto of the photo.


A smaller page at the start to day 7. I like the vareity of sizes and how they let you peek forwards into the album.


Then a simple photo of our girls crafting afternoon, again a smaller size page.


I added my story on the diagonal lines of the patterned paper and a stamp and brad heart.


The backing card for the photo above is a georgeous metalic matt red. I’ve had that card for ages and love adding a little touch of it along with that red glitter paper which I also adore and have had for about as long.

The main oage of day 8 is a photo of my Christmas magazines. Simple but so glad to have included a picture of them because they are very much part of tradition around here.


And there we go. Simple but great to get on with the backlog.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

Photo a Day – week thirty nine


This is the people and festive-ness edition!



Crafting with the girls in my family.


His love for a ball of wool extends to pom poms it seems…


I festived this spot in the hall up a bit. Not convinced might move the NOEL to the dining room.


My collection of Christmas home and vegetarian cookery magazines.


Waiting for the Christmas show to start.


And another week gone.