Photo a Day – week thirty seven


Those good old sunflowers are still trying.


Mr Squirrel.


Coffee with Mum on my first outing for Christmas gifts.


Gav’s running shoes.


On the way to a course for work. A winter sky.


Okay we’ve gone crazy in this house…. my running shoes? Can’t be right!


The ever wonderful Mahonia flowering its heart out.


And next week there will be twinkle lights! Woot.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – week thirty seven”

  • WOW to the fact that you have sunflowers still blooming & the Mahonia, does it bloom through the winter as well? I was rounding up all our running shoes yesterday & discovered a pair that does not belong to us – I am left to wonder if they bred when left in the basket too long – time to get outside for a walk (lol). Our squirrels all have extremely thick furry coats, predicting a cold winter.

  • The Mahonia does really well through the winter at keeping the yellow blooms but I think it has more or less produced all the flowers we’ll see. Oh I’m hoping for a colder winter than we had last year but I shouldn’t complain we got better blooms in the garden because it was mild….

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