Too early for a wreath?


No? I’m so glad you said that!

I like a wreath. I suppose I was aware of them from an early age but the idea of a wreath around  Christmas time was firmly fixed in my mind from the family trips we made on Christmas Eve to the cemetery. I apologise if this sounds too weird but this is what we did. And as we moved through the cemetery many of the graves were adorned with that circle of evergreen foliage and a few red berries from the holly sprigs.

As I got older they became a thing of beauty to me as I realised that they came in all shapes and sizes and all manner of foliage and flowers and I did try making my own, I even did a workshop at Sarah Raven about ten years ago too. It was only recently that I tried this idea once again with the Hydrangea wreaths.

This festive season I want to dabble with these arrangements again and thought I would start early and test out an idea or two. I watched a few tutorials on You Tube and decided to try the plastic wreath ring filled with floral foam first. I had an old ring and cut the dry foam to fit then pre-soaked it in a sinkful of water. I wasn’t sure exactly how long to soak it for, it ended up being about an hour.

Then I gathered supplies from the garden. I picked anything I thought would last well tried to select a vareity of textures and ended up with Bay leaves, Ivy and Gaura and added a couple of variegated leaves into the mix with Pittosporum and Lamium.


I prepared the stems by cutting them short and stripping the bottom leaves.


I actually had to cut them even shorter than they were in the photos.


I was so happy outside trimming and preparing I didn’t realise that I was loosing the light so I started filling up the wreath and grabbed a shot of it half full before it got dark. You can also see from this shot that I had already attached the ribbon for hanging the wreath up before I filled it with foliage.


Note to self – you always need more foliage than you think! I kept adding the bay and ivy and then the Pittosporum and Lamium.


And finally the ivy seed pods and the Gaura. It was actually the fact that our Gaura was producing all those little ‘tassels’ that made me want to make a foliage wreath in the first place! They are so lovely and weird.


And there it is. Not too fancy, not really ‘festive’ but a first attempt at this kind of hanging wreath and a start to my wreath making season.

2 thoughts on “Too early for a wreath?”

  • Beautiful wreath. I like the Ivy seedpods. If you feel it needs a festive touch you could always add a purple bow (or Christmas red) & then for the New Year a white pom pom or two to give the look of snowflakes ­čśë I have only attempted an evergreen urn at the front of the house for Christmas – I am sure mine would have been in the category of “not like Pinterest”.

    It’s not odd about going to the cemetery on Christmas Eve …

  • Thanks Mary-Lou I so enjoyed making the wreath and if it lasts into December will add something festive. I like you purple bow idea! I’m sure you evergreen arrangement is lovely.

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