Doing a happy quilty dance


Oh yeah! At long last this baby is done.

And you know what? Love it. Why did it take me so long?

After my last post (can’t believe it was all that time ago) I did pull it out again about 6 months ago and sew a few quilting lines but struggled feeding it through my sewing machine as it doesn’t have a walking foot. So it was cast aside once more. But last month I pulled it out again and decided that I was happy with the amount of quilting so I would just finish it off and call it done.


I attached the binding onto the front and then hand sewed it to the back of the quilt.

And there it is all done.


And I am officially crossing ‘sew a quilt’ off my list.

I’m itching to start cutting a new quilt top but my rotary cutter has gone blunt! (Lack of use perhaps.) So the new quilt will have to wait, you never know I may have it cut by 2016…….