One Little Word® – thoughts in November


This was a new adventure for me, having a word. I have to admit that it has not been a great success. But I have been listening to Ali every month and after listening to the November video I was inspired to write something down.

I was in tune with what she had to say this month. Her thoughts were along these lines – by choosing your word you expected to learn this instead you leaned this.

By choosing listen I thought I would learn how to listen more to people around me, how to pay more attention and be present. I expected a magic wand.

Instead I learned that I can listen to my heart. And I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was. I learned that this word will stay with me, even if I pick another for next year, I will keep listen close because I like the challenge it brings and I don’t yet feel I have done it justice.

2 thoughts on “One Little Word® – thoughts in November”

  • Listen is such a great word and I am glad you are having (surprise) success with your word. I wonder why it is woman in particular, tend not to Listen to their hearts. Is it nature or nurture that encourages us to discount our own voice. This was the first year I did O.L.W. workshop. My word is Stretch & it has taken me on a path much different than I had intended.

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