Month: October 2014

Photo a Day – week thirty one


Lots of nature about this week….

You know me and the moon hard to resist snapping a photo even if it’s just a teeny blob.


And a sunset sky.


The light was lovely on this grouping of plants.


The most amazing sight greeted Bud and I this morning. There was so much moisture in the air every spider web was visible as we walked round the block. Every gate post and fence, shrub and post box was shrouded in cob webs. You can actually see dew drops on the post box.


I’ll say it again…. Oh! for a macro lens.


You can’t really see him because my phone camera isn’t that good but I was trying to capture a shot of the squirrel who was happily munching away on something. He’s at the bottom left of the tree.


I liked the eclectic mix of things up against this building and love the street sign.


There we go.

Adventures in weaving – number three


Remember that liberated wool from my Mum’s? Well here is the start of a weaving for our bedroom. I am using part of an old shelf unit at the frame. I needed something bigger and more stable than cardboard.

This gives you and idea of the size.


And here is the wool.


Our room doesn’t have any blue but I’m going to use up this pile anyway and see what we get. I’ve been pinning weaving’s over here and just can decide what sort of design to go for. Watch this space….

Midlake at the Minster


Back in July Gav, my BFF, her hubby and I went to see Midlake at Halifax Minster.  It was an amazing experience, not just because of the music but the location and the folk I went with all added to the magic of that evening. I posted a photo as part of that week’s photo a day but other than that haven’t mentioned it here.

Then back in September I read this post and was awestruck by her story of that experience and I thought why haven’t I blogged about Midlake?


Here is a little background to how I ‘found’ this band –  a couple of years ago Gav went with my BFF’s hubby, R, to see the band, Gav told me after the gig that I would have enjoyed it, I was dubious about that, R puts the current album onto a playlist he made us for our trip to California in 2012 and during the holiday I have no idea who I’m listening to but I like it. A few months later I go along to a gig that a couple of the band have put together  and become (as Gav puts it) Midlake’s number 1. fan. I demand all their music on my i-pod and listen obsessively to it for a few weeks. In February this year I heard that Midlake were playing the Radio 6 Music Festival here in the UK and start searching for any other dates they may be playing. I found the Minster gig and booked tickets immediately.



Maybe some would think it very strange to have a gig in a church. It was strange but in a good way. It was atmospheric and added to the enchantment of the evening. I hold my hand out to the people behind the church for embracing the idea that you have to do what you have to do to make money these days and open your doors to a wider and different audience and embrace that audience in the process.


Music has a special part to play in my life and experiencing live music is even more amazing. The anticipation, the journey to get there, waiting for the band to come on stage, excitement building all the time. Then the event itself when I stand in awe of anyone who can get up there and sing or play to a huge audience. It’s magic. True magic and it is something I always remember. I haven’t been to a lot of gigs in my time but the ones I have danced and sung through will stay close to my heart forever.

Considering a Capsule Wardrobe

The ‘capsule wardrobe’ seemed to be everywhere around the internet the last few months.  I think Elise linked to Caroline and I was sucked into this idea. It sounds like such a good idea what’s not to love? It actually took me back thirty years to when I used to take a real interest in fashion and longed to get myself in gear and create a capsule wardrobe.

Fast forward to today where I find myself stalking ‘twenty somethings’ blogs for inspiration. Ha ha!

The thing is that I love the idea of having staples to reach for and I know that it would do me good to think more about where a potential new item of clothing would fit in with the  things I already own. So I pondered this idea for a few weeks and came up with some why not to do it’s….

  1. I don’t buy a vast quantity of clothes anyway.
  2. I’m not trendy!
  3. I’m supposed to be loosing weight so I can get into those items hanging up already.

And then some why to’s…

  1. It will hone my style.
  2. It should mean any new clothes I buy will get worn and fit in with my current items.
  3. I won’t have to say this ever again…… ‘I have nothing to wear!’

I took the first step and I pulled everything I owned out of cupboards and drawers and took stock.


I was totally shocked when I counted up. I was also shocked by all the clothes I don’t really love. I wasn’t shocked that there was a lot of long cardigans (cover ups) and a lot of black and grey (fade into the background.)

I made piles. One for items I love and wear over and over. One for summer clothes that I know I’ll wear but need storing over winter. One for items I’m not sure about. One for things that don’t quite fit.

For this first go at pairing down I decided not to get rid of anything. I put all the summer and don’t fit clothes away under the bed, the will wear right now back in the wardrobe and left a small pile of thinking about items out on the floor to well, think about.

So step one accomplished. I have room in the wardrobe and a growing knowledge of my go to items of clothing. How about you? Do you capsule?

Layout share – Final swim and The Car, the T-rex and Gav


Here are a couple more pages I made about our Florida trip.


I love white backgrounds and even though I am still drawn to patterned papers and coloured card stock when I’m in the craft shop I want to pick white when I’m stood at my table ready to scrap. For a pool photo the white and blues just fit perfectly though.

As usual I kept this pretty simple using the rule of thirds for the design of the page. All the action is concentrated in the right two thirds of the layout. I did break this rule with the placement of the photo. That is slap bang in the middle of the horizontal lines but with the heavy weight of the title and a couple of diagonal lines made with the embellishments I think it looks okay.

As for the story, it’s just about how all the adults got their costumes on for one last time but the kids didn’t! And how it was great to have a final swim in that heat.

Just to go against all I said above about white card stock…..


A fun little story about seeing the car (and dinosaur) from one of our favourite films.


I built up layers of paper (from the wonderful Say Cheese – Simple Stories line) into a block and fitted all the other elements around that block. Anchoring one of the pieces of paper to the edge of the page stops the block from looking like it’s floating.

I could have written a longer story about our love of the film and all the details about that but decided to just go with a snippet of writing. Whether long or short though like the journalling on the layout says, it had to be documented. And now it is!

Photo a Day – week thirty


Lunch with  my BFF. Loved the table number!


He’s seen something out there….


A trip to Harlow Carr.


‘I have my stick. It may be small but it’s all mine.’


A birthday breakfast.


Shadows and leaves.


The view out to the allotment patch. It’s looking a bit sorry for itself and those sweet peas are almost done.


Off we go into autumn.

Read 2014 – Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich


I’m a big Stephanie Plum fan. This was was just as good as all the other nineteen novels (apart from the part of the story that features a butcher!) There isn’t much more to say apart from I am team Ranger.

If you like a little bit of crime, a little bit of romance and a lot of tongue in cheek hilarity then you’d like this series of novels.

Bloom 3.0 – Sunflowers and fennel


Managed to eek out an arrangement last weekend. I’d been waiting for the fennel that ran to seed to produce enough flowers to pick. Just about managed it and added to the herby feel with borage to compliment the sunflowers and cosmos.


I took the opportunity to snap a photo of this bouquet in the afternoon sunshine. Perfect.



Serendipity indeed. Not only do I adore the word but I adore it when it actually occurs.

Remember my Agatha quest, well I added a couple more to the collection last week. I was wandering around Wetherby and popped into one of the many charity shops to browse for books, check out anything else interesting and serendipity stuck.

Not only did they have two Agatha’s I didn’t already own but they were 50p each and when I looked in my purse the only thing in there apart from some fluff was a £1 coin! Woot. I hurried over to the till and happily handed over my money for these lovely books.

My only problem in this tale is that the shelf I was filling in actually now full. Hmm…. Oh well I’ll just take some of Gav’s sci-fi novels off the bookcase to make way for my beloved Agatha.

; )

30 Vegetarian pizza’s – Margherita


I know I said we were going to go wild with our toppings but instead we went the other way. And I can’t believe it’s taken seventeen pizza’s before we made this one!

So here is the eighteenth pizza.

The usual sauce and white pizza dough really thin this week and for the cheese a traditional ball of the softer mozzarella. It was simply delicious and I don’t know why we make it so infrequently. It also made me want to use the balls of cheese on more of our pizzas too. It adds a different texture to the hard grated stuff and of course it what the Italians use.

Onward towards number twenty and the search for better lighting……..