Midlake at the Minster


Back in July Gav, my BFF, her hubby and I went to see Midlake at Halifax Minster.  It was an amazing experience, not just because of the music but the location and the folk I went with all added to the magic of that evening. I posted a photo as part of that week’s photo a day but other than that haven’t mentioned it here.

Then back in September I read this post and was awestruck by her story of that experience and I thought why haven’t I blogged about Midlake?


Here is a little background to how I ‘found’ this band –  a couple of years ago Gav went with my BFF’s hubby, R, to see the band, Gav told me after the gig that I would have enjoyed it, I was dubious about that, R puts the current album onto a playlist he made us for our trip to California in 2012 and during the holiday I have no idea who I’m listening to but I like it. A few months later I go along to a gig that a couple of the band have put together  and become (as Gav puts it) Midlake’s number 1. fan. I demand all their music on my i-pod and listen obsessively to it for a few weeks. In February this year I heard that Midlake were playing the Radio 6 Music Festival here in the UK and start searching for any other dates they may be playing. I found the Minster gig and booked tickets immediately.



Maybe some would think it very strange to have a gig in a church. It was strange but in a good way. It was atmospheric and added to the enchantment of the evening. I hold my hand out to the people behind the church for embracing the idea that you have to do what you have to do to make money these days and open your doors to a wider and different audience and embrace that audience in the process.


Music has a special part to play in my life and experiencing live music is even more amazing. The anticipation, the journey to get there, waiting for the band to come on stage, excitement building all the time. Then the event itself when I stand in awe of anyone who can get up there and sing or play to a huge audience. It’s magic. True magic and it is something I always remember. I haven’t been to a lot of gigs in my time but the ones I have danced and sung through will stay close to my heart forever.