Month: October 2014

Photo a Day – week thirty three


A pretty blossom on the late flowering clematis.


Early walk to Canal Gardens.


The quilt is back out again….


Salad at work. Goats cheese, beetroot and watercress with cous cous.


A trip to the seaside with my niece and Buddy.


I’m doing a lot of eating at my desk!


The Eggnog returns. Oh my waistline.


Another fun filled week.

The Garden in October


Things are slowing down out there but Gav has planted his winter pots and been making some repairs.

The plants growing up the arbor had really started to take over and the top of this structure had been slowly falling down for a couple of years. We bit the bullet and chopped everything back.


Then in about an hour he replaced the top structure!


Hooray. Now all we need to do is a really good tidy up as the garden and half finished building work had got out of hand.

And while Gav has been busy with all the hard labouring I’ve been planting bulbs.


You have to gloss over the mess around this end of the garden too. But if I waited to plant the bulbs till it was tidy and finished it would be next autumn. I got on with it now in the hope it will look slightly better come spring.  In this bed I have added Queen of Night, Princes Irene and Black Parrot tulips. Then I planted Fire King and Blood Red Wallflowers and a few Euphorbia oblongata.

Just a quick glimpse at what’s been going on in the garden.

Bloom 3.0 – the purples have it


I was pottering around in the garden last Saturday and could not resist picking the yellow berried foliage. On a side note I did not know the name of this shrub as it was here in the garden when we moved in but I just checked and it is Cotoneaster ‘Rothschildianus’.

I thought that I must be able to find enough material to make an arrangement and I just about did but had to think outside of my normal go to’s.

The previously well picked Euphorbia plants have sprouted again and gave me lovely fresh lime green foliage.


And my favourite aster had a few flowers left that looked good so I cut those and I liked that the yellow centres echoed the yellow berries. The salvia is still going strong and also the verbena bonariensis had a few flower stems left too so they were picked as thier colours went so well with the asters.


I decided that the sunflowers were not going to grow any more so I picked a few buds. They may not be blooming but are dramatic and mirror the spiky-ness of the asters.

Can I eek this flower arranging out into November I wonder?

The journey to work – our days are built with stories

In the spirit of this post I’m sharing the story of my journey to work. 


I love my journey to work. It takes 25 minutes. For a long time I chose to drive the main road route. Until Gav convinced me I could shave 7 minutes off the journey if I took the country lanes. Those first few trips were hairy, those country lanes are narrow, but eventually I learned the narrow and wide bits, the dips and turns and now I love my journey to work.

In the spring the light along the road changes throughout the trip as it filters through newly emerging leaves. In the summer the hedgerows are thick and fat, stretching out into the road so you can hardly see the edges and inadvertently let the wing mirror brush the leaves as you pass by. In the autumn it is a riot of colour with the leaves changing and the berries filling the hawthorn and holly trees. And in the winter, when I go to work in the dark, I hope against hope that I time it just right so I see the sun peak above the distant hills before I turn into town.

I trundle along these roads sometimes listening to music, sometimes a podcast and sometimes I listen to myself talking away out loud pondering this or that, just sounding things out. I’m in my lovely electric/petrol car taking advantage of the low speed limits on the country lanes not bothered by folk who insist on driving too fast and getting closer and closer to my bumper. I know they’ll find a way to zoom past me and I let them get on with it. I usually catch them up at the traffic lights anyway.

I pass the mellow stone walls of the houses in the two villages I drive through and wonder what life in the country would be like. I pass the lush fairways of golf courses flanking the road and the beautiful horses in the field by the farm, the bails of hay stacked and wrapped in their shiny black plastic coats ready for winter feeds.

I feel lucky to get to drive this route.

Earlier in the year when I almost took another job I said to Gav that I didn’t want to drive through the city to get to work that I loved my current drive. I knew then how much I’d miss it if I didn’t wend my way along those country lanes.


Read more about the wonders of documenting your life over here.

That pooch!


What do ya mean it’s your wool?









Apparently it’s his ball of wool……

Photo a Day – week thirty two


Get ready for crumble.


A walk along Otley Chevin.


A little paw.


Another morning sky.


‘Not’ chicken sandwich.


Another salad lunch.


Loved the silver and green.


And that was that.

Bloom 3.0 – still going


I love surprises and being able to pick another bunch is a lovely surprise.


In this vase we have cosmos, fennel, clematis stems, snapdragons and snowberry. I had to go foraging for that in the wood because this arrangement just needed a little something extra.


A different texture if you will and I think it turned out great.

Tomato Tart


I made this amazing tart last week with the last of the tomatoes from the garden. The recipe is from here.

I know it sounds a bit strange, cheese on top of pastry but I gave it a whirl.

And you know what? She is right it is the most delicious tomato tart ever. I admit the calorie count is sky high but when you have a bowlful of home grown produce to use up I can’t think of a better way to do it.

Another hydrangea wreath


Remember this? Well here is one for this year.


The blooms I used last year were from a lovely blue shrub in my Mum’s garden but this year for some reason the blue flowers faded too fast for me to harvest. Luckily my Mum’s neighbour has several Hydrangea bushes and was more than happy to let me have some of the flower heads.


A different bush, a different colour. I really love the tones of blue and purple in these flowers. Last years wreath lasted well into the summer and I only dismantled it for fear of the dust gathering.

Hope this one stays the course too.

Layout share – Bridges and Making waffles


More stories from Florida.


Above is a story about the bridges along the Keys.


And one to remember. Making waffles.


It was our first morning and we had filled up on the most amazing all American breakfast and each had a go at making waffles. This was Gav’s first go at making them.


Love a story.