Another Post Box story


We stumbled upon this post box when we took a wrong turn on our recent Scarborough adventure. We were looking for a convenient place to turn the car around when I spotted an insignia I hadn’t seen before. I asked Gav to pull over in a calm and clear voice, ahem…. And hopped out of the car to snap a photo or two.


This one is another VR for Queen Victoria. In my quest to find as many different post boxes as possible I had only seen the VR on two wall boxes so far, so finding this traditional free standing box was a great addition to the collection.

I still love the geeky quest.

2 thoughts on “Another Post Box story”

  • What a great find. I really like the script VR. Not geeky at all. I wonder if you searched for it would there be a blog group doing the same kind of thing? A couple of years ago I went on a similar quest; looking for as many different rural (personal) mailboxes as I could find. There were some shaped as ducks, tractors, houses, donkeys, some on old logs in odd shapes, etc. It was so much fun & even now if I spot a different kind of mailbox I want to take a photo of it. Quirky searches can be the most fun.

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