Photo a Day – week twenty three


One of the good things about these photos is capturing the little things in the background of a photo. Most of the time I ‘tidy’ the shot up but sometimes taking real life is a must. Like in the first shot, my cereal bowl just sat there on the edge of the table and in the other one of the coffee table I’ve captured all the stuff that lives there mess and all. Anyway, here we go.

Someone’s been covering up the dog again…


Any danger these might go red?


Fried egg sandwich for breakfast and looking through the Sarah Raven catalogue.


Making pitta bread.


The ipod plugged in playing Midlake at full blast, wearing my favourite summer shoes and another of those Mocha Fappuccinos waiting for me to enjoy. Just about as happy as I could be to say I was going to work.  (I did pull over to take this shot by the way.)


Making lemon and herb ‘dressing’ for pasta.


The sweet peas are reaching for the stars.


Okay. There goes another week.