Bloom 3.0 – Calendula and cornflowers (again!)


I am a big fan of Calendula. Love love love it. Usually I grow ‘Indian prince’ but somehow this year and last the seed packet was a mix of yellow and orange blooms. Yellow is not my favourite colour but since it was there growing away I have been picking it and using it in arrangement’s all summer. I think it goes particularly well in this little vase.


Also here are sweet peas, salvia and cornflowers, all in shades of lilac and blue. The foliage is Choisya ternata and mint. I needed to cut back the plants we had growing in pots to encourage new growth to keep us supplied in mint for a couple more months and you know I never waste greenery. I thought it would add a little spiky height to this arrangement and it has given me ideas about growing mint specifically to cut for arrangements.


And above is a close up of a beautiful bud from one of the Vanilla Ice sunflower’s just waiting to open up.

A sunny little bunch for a dreary and cold week here in Leeds.