Bloom 3.0 – update in August


We have had a spell of very wet and windy weather in the last 2 weeks which is too depressing for words after the good summer so far. Just before the change in the temperature I had noticed that my little patch was looking rather sad for itself. The poppies had gone brown and stopped flowering and the ammi had given up too. And there I was so pleased with myself for the great flower production so far. It is a learning curve indeed.

The cornflowers are going okay though and the cosmos are just coming into their own and  the lovely sunflower vanilla ice is coming along so production and arranging should last a few more weeks at least.


A couple of things come to mind as I consider the reasons for this downturn apart from the weather. The first on is that I should have been feeding the plants. It’s taken many long years but I finally accept that feeding plants is a must if you want to increase volume and longevity. The second is why didn’t I stagger the sowing and planting out? If I had sown the self same plants 6 weeks later than the batch in the ground the second lot would just be getting going now.

Things to definitely remember for next year.

I thought I would finish off this post with my best plant this year. For its repeat flowering, good vase life and goes with most of the other colours in the patch the hands down winner is Salvia viridis.


In past years I have grown the blue but this year got hold of a multi coloured packet. There was pink and white as well as the blue in the mix. The other colours didn’t do as well as the trusty blue but were still good performers.  The blue version has featured in seven arrangements and it still going strong out there.

I can’t pick a runner up because I love all the others equally! But I am so glad I went back to cornflowers or Centaurus this year. They have been great as well.

I have another post planned with ideas of what I will grow next year based on the success, or otherwise, of this years choices and I am excited to start planning. I know, we haven’t even got leaves falling yet (thank goodness) and I’m on to the next thing…..