A summer list with H


We all know how much I love a list and I added a couple over here recently. From them I drew up a ‘doable’ UK list for H to tick off this summer. I got the idea of a summer list for my niece to do from a project my sister had begun at the start of the summer holidays.


You see my darling, adorable, cute cute niece often claims she has ‘done nothing’ in her hols so my sister began to take a photo each day of whatever fun thing they were doing. This way there is evidence and B can wave her book of fun photos at her daughter if said child should dare to claim she twiddled her thumbs all summer long.


Here is the list – stargaze, go bowling, ride in a boat, make s’more, visit a beach, pick berries, fly a kite, make lollies, feed ducks, visit a museum, eat watermelon, paint rocks, collect seashells, make ice cream sundaes, learn a song on the piano, make pizza from scratch, blow bubbles, ride your bike to the park, have a picnic or 3, make lemonade, get ice cream from the ice cream man, play rounders, make cupcakes, play giant jenga outside, write a story, pick and arrange flowers, listen to music outside, take photos and make a summer album, write letters to Mel and Gav about you Portugal trip, make a flower headdress. Phew!


I knew some of these could be done while my sister’s lot are away and some when H comes round here.


We’re making excellent progress so far.


And learning a little along the way.


Well I’m certainly learning for example don’t leave her alone with the sugar syrup for the lemonade or she’ll try to drink it before dilution…..

But apart from that such fun and a challenge for us grown ups too.