Bloom 3.0 – Cerinthie, Calendula, Euphorbia and more


I went out and just picked everything I could a couple of days ago and filled three containers with material to arrange.

Here’s a look at everything I collected.


I let them sit awhile then in between rain showers I got started. I thought it would be interesting to snap at each stage as I arranged this first vase full.

I picked that lovely creamy flower pot for the first arrangement and used a pin holder secured in the bottom to hold longer stems.

I added the two euphorbia’s to start off with.


And then the cerinthie.


Using the pin holder makes such a difference to making the arrangement look fuller quicker.

The cornflowers and salvia went in as bride and bridesmaid. (Sarah Raven uses these terms for her arrangements.)



And the calendula as the gatecrasher.


I really love that little pot it always makes a good base for an arrangement. And the blue and yellow look great together.

Here is what was left over.


I didn’t do a step by step for this next arrangement as the rain came down again but here is the finished jug.



And in situ the following day.


I keep saying it but I am loving this summer filled with blooms. And don’t forget to go over here for more flowery inspiration.