Color//Colour – orange


I was not a fan of orange in my younger days but now I love it.









Another great colourful week. Last up on the colour front this time around will be blue (although my niece thinks I need to keep going and include silver, black and gold and ……)

For more inspiration on colour check out the two blogging ladies that began this color//colour adventure over here.

8 thoughts on “Color//Colour – orange”

  • Orange slices on the mauve napkin – my favourite photo. Yes orange will be a challenge for me as well. I did get quite an orange surprise in my garden this week – a perfect orange Asiatic lily bloom – in is part of a 3 blub grouping & the other 2 are as package description promised, pink with white. Nature! or maybe the bulb packers giggle.

  • Ooh – been looking forward to your orange week! I was also never really keen on it historically but now at certain times in certain places I love it. (eg. my really in-yer-face orange M&S T-shirt!) Some good finds; share Mary-Lou’s enthusiasm for the first pic, and also love the last. And I’m a big fan of walking barefoot on grass – feels so summery. 🙂

  • Thank Ella and I have a bright orange m&s t shirt! V necked? Really, really bright??! I bought it and have only worn it once think I must have had my sunglasses on when I went to the till…..

  • Hehehe! Yes, Marks and Spencer and yes, the V-necked one! I bought it to go with a sarong which had nothing to match it. Thought it would be OK for the beach but I ended up wearing the T-shirt a lot with jeans or black or white cropped trousers. It’s faded a bit now. Oh how funny.

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