30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Broccoli, red onion and basil


For pizza number eleven it was my turn in the kitchen. Broccoli and pesto seems to work for a pasta sauce so why not on a pizza?  I know I’ve tried to adapt pasta to pizza before and it didn’t work out but I gave it another go.


I was set on this plan but when I checked the fridge, no pesto!

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am all too comfortable winging it (often with disastrous results….) in the food department so instead of ready made pesto I chopped the basil and mixed it with a little olive oil. To stop the herb charring in the heat of the oven I hid little dollops of the oil mix under the broccoli! It more or less worked and I loved the basil broccoli combination.

I used all white flour for the base and lucky for me had one of Gav’s tomato pasta sauces on hand. The cheese is our usual grated mozzarella.

Bigger slices of red onion are needed next time because that was a little lost but overall a success.