Color//Colour – Purple


In all honesty I could have taken all the photos for this week in my living room. It is indeed a purple themed space. But I ventured out to see what else there was purple in my world.





And a few from home.




That nail polish may look black but it is deep purple, honest.

For more inspiration on colour check out the two blogging ladies that began this color//colour adventure over here.

Another favourite colour of mine next week. Can you guess?

2 thoughts on “Color//Colour – Purple”

  • Lovely purple photos. That Butterfly bush is so full. Lately I have seen a lot of purple front doors on homes. Yesterday’s pizza I have copied & added slivers of pineapple. I like how pineapple seems to enhance chopped tomatoes. Oh yes & my sweet peas that I am growing because of your floral arrangement inspiration, seemed to have really had a growth spurt this week – I can already see little flower pods beginning 😉

  • Thanks. I’m still loving this photo project. And you’re right about the pineapple and tomatoes, hope you enjoyed the pizza. Hoorah for sweet peas.

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