Le tour – photos from the depart fictif in Leeds


Saturday morning my sister, H and I set off for the 5 minute drive and the 10 minute walk to take up our positions on the route of the Tour de France from Leeds to Harewood. It wasn’t too busy when we arrived at 8.15. We’re only little folk and needed to be at the front of the barrier! (H is stood on a fold away stool.)


The ‘caravan’ of promotional vehicles started to come past us at 9am.



It busied up by about 10.30 and Gav arrived then too.


Then we knew they were coming because of the T.V helicopters and in the distance a first glimpse of a pack.


It was really very exciting. This throng of athletes heading our way. We didn’t know what to expect would they come through fast or slow or in a group or singly.





And then they were just there. Within touching distance, all bunched up together filling the road from our side to the other and as far as we could see.

It’s always tricky in these circumstances when you want to get photos. I wanted to soak it up but get some pictures too. I gave up with oncoming shots because the ladies next to me were waving flags instead I went for the passing views.




And whoosh, gone again.

They were followed by a huge assortment of cars all laden with bikes in racks.


After watching a few club cyclists come through after all the cars we headed home to watch the real start from Harewood. It is a crazy business but we all may just have got the bug.

2 thoughts on “Le tour – photos from the depart fictif in Leeds”

  • I must admit that the first two photos; the giant juice bottle & the lady with the accordion made me laugh out loud. I think that the photos you did get of the cyclist were good, I felt that energy in their build up to racing. You could have used “her” yellow flag for your yellow colour week! Colourful outfits. And what a turn out of supporters, how encouraging for the clubs. We have a lot of bike races in our area, as the university does the hosting & running of several throughout the season. It does make me wonder if it is true, you never loose the ability to ride a bike once learned.

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