Le Tour de France, t’Tour de Yorkshire

Remember that yellow bicycle from last week?


Well it is part of the display for the cycling calendar’s big yearly event and this year the tour is crossing the channel and getting all the way up north. Here is the route. Apparently the last time it came to these shores was 2007.

I am not a fan usually but when something like this comes so close to home I felt I had to jump on board and see what all the fuss was about. I was even more excited to find that the whole shebang is starting here in Leeds.  I just thought we were part of the stages but it STARTS here! Woop. (Although just a ‘parade’ through the city to the start point a few miles north of us.) I need to get out and plan the best place to stand to watch them all cycle by, we can walk to where the route goes by which is amazing, no traffic!


It should be pretty easy to work out where to stand, just look for those bicycles there’s plenty of them.




Looking forward to joining in the fun on Saturday.