Color//Colour – Pink


Here we go again. A much more challenging colour to spot. Of course there are plenty of pink flowers and a few did make into the mix but I also managed to get a other pink things snapped too.









This little vase of flowers are all home grown and there are five different variety of plant. Stocks, cornflower, nicotiana, salvia and sweet williams. Perfect that the five of them bloomed for pink week!


Play along? Go over here or here for the original inspiration.

So what’s next? Come back and see next Monday.  ; )

4 thoughts on “Color//Colour – Pink”

  • Nicely spotted! The hydrangeas look very full. After three years, mine has really budded up well now and holds great promise…

    BTW, H reminds me of the girl in the Robinson’s advert!

  • Good catches with some of your pink photos. Chuckling about Pink Banana store. I think pink is the best colour. Trying also to incorporate colour hunt into the summer scavenger photo hunt. I think your garden scavenger hunt was such a great idea, what an interesting way to teach.

  • Thanks Mary-Lou. Pink is a lovely colour but much harder to find than yellow! Thats a great idea, a colour hunt. I always think I’ll drive my niece mad one day with these things but surely that’s what aunts are for. x

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