A nature scavenger hunt


This idea had been bubbling around for weeks ever since the success of the London scavenger hunt. Didn’t have time to print pretty pictures this time so I just searched the wonder that is Pinterest for nature hunt items and wrote them, in fancy colours, on a sheet of A4 paper.

H was thrilled at this idea and when I told her she only had ten minutes to find them or photograph them she was off down the garden.


I knew her enthusiasm would wain and she’d resort to her usual tactic… getting Gav to help her cheat!

Here they are conspiring.



Really think I need to teach her how to focus……


Still looking for a ladybird.


And finally all her bounty.


Then the two of them set me one…….

Such fun and not to sound v.boring but teaching her a little something along the way. Definitely be doing this one again.