Bloom 3.0 – Sweet william, cerinthie, knautia and daisies


Those sweet williams have been a star beyond all proportions. They are still going strong and I must have had twenty bunches from the three rows. Sheer bliss.

I collected an armful of what was ready to be picked and in the spirit of full disclosure and learning I thought I’d share what I made first.

A typical Mel arrangement….


I liked the vase, something different but it felt so same-y. I plonked the arrangement in my trusty blue glass vase to see if it I liked it better.


No improvement. Or what I should say is that there is nothing wrong with it but I am trying to stretch my arranging skills and do something different. Instead of taking it to bits there and then I let it sit. But after several hours I took the plunge and re-arranged.

I have been aiming to copy some of the flowers I have pinned over here. Here is my attempt at a compact short arrangement.


Not perfect but better than a standard ‘Mel’ vase.


As I had flowers left over I tried for an airy dreamy look like this.


Not quite right but I like it. And I have learned a little too.

The flowers used in these arrangements are sweet william, cerinthie, knautia, unknown daisy, alchemilla mollis, knauitia seed heads, verbena bonariensis and lemon balm.

Thanks for popping in and sharing this flower arranging journey with me.

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