Color//Colour – Yellow


I was so happy to see this blogger and this photographer back on their color//colour project for the summer. They are sharing over here and I wanted to play along so here is the yellow in my world last week.











I have loved, loved this little photography project and when H arrived here last Saturday wearing a yellow top (without prompting!), I was ecstatic!


So enjoyed this colourful adventure and it’s pink this week. Hope to improve my photography\composition along the way.

6 thoughts on “Color//Colour – Yellow”

  • I like any project that gets us to notice more of our world and colours are a great way to see it. Years ago on a photography course the professor assigned everyone in the class a colour and each week he added to that; i.e. first week it was yellow, next week something yellow that was square, the third week something yellow, square and alive… etc. It was so interesting to see everyone’s photos. I look forward to seeing your pink week 🙂

  • Hi! Mary-Lou pointed me here a while back… Thought it was time to say hello :o) Love your yellow pics and look forward to seeing the week of pink!

  • Well hello and thank you so much for your lovely comment. Look forward to ‘chatting’ with you. ; )

  • Yes I found it such an interesting week spotting yellow and noticed how much there is Leeds! And thanks for sending Lady Ella my way. ; )

  • Not at all! You have some great pics all through your blog. That yellow bike is a real gem (if it turns up again in pink this week, we’ll know you’ve been cheatin’!)

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