Photo a Day – week fourteen


What’s going on this week?

I mean really! That’s crazy! Gav tweaking the automatic watering system……


Since we are not jet setting for our hols this year I felt the need to pretend we were by making something that we may have eaten had we been stateside! It’s from this recipe. Yum.


Orange bottomed bee on some geraniums at Gav’s parents.


Big pipes…..


I harvested a few bunches of flowers for work colleagues. It was such fun to pick and prep so many flowers.


Pasta with cream cheese adapted from this recipe. Sounds odd but was very good.


Look at that dog! He doesn’t even like asparagus……okay he’s never been given it but I’m sure he wouldn’t like it!


And there we go.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – week fourteen”

  • I would be right there with Bud, asparagus is one of my favourites and right now it is at all the local farmer’s stands. The big yellow hosing/piping reminder me of a ferris wheel. WOW that is some watering system – nice having such a handy man around 🙂
    Ah French Toast, wonder why it is only made for special days – well at least at this house, but anything with cinnamon is a hit & I usually bake mind.

  • Hmm…yes a handy man indeed! I must try baking the french toast, I’ve seen pictures on Pinterest but didn’t think it would work. And farmers markets yes, we have a couple locally I should try them out.

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