Bloom – one flower four ways


It’s all flowers around here at the moment. I can’t apologise for that, I am in a little floral heaven.

When I think back I have been plonking flowers in vases for over twenty years and making a conscious effort to arrange them for about fifteen. It is a constant learning curve and that’s why I am so enjoying the community of flower arrangers over here and here. It is truly a joy and inspiration to see like minded folk making arrangements with local or home grown flowers.

The sun was kind the other week and as we were both still off work I had lots of time to pick and play with flowers and because I had so many Sweet Williams I used those in all the arrangements I made. I thought it would be good to document them all here together to see the variety you can get with the same base flower.


I have shared two of these arrangements already but here are a couple more to make up the four.

We have a very tall window on what we call the half landing going up the stairs. Tall windows are a challenge for flowers because most arrangements just look lost. So when I can I like to make a tall thin bouquet for that spot. (I didn’t photograph it in the window because of the back light issues!)


I picked similar deep coloured flowers for a cohesive look and used Alchemilla mollis and some clematic stems.

It was Sarah Raven who showed me how you can have impact even with single stems. I love this look because it means you don’t need a ton of flowers and it is simple and easy.


I’ve been collecting little jars for ages and loved using them here. The little tin is a dried yeast container that I just could not throw away.


And here are the two I have already shared.



One flower four ways.

This summer of flower collecting is going to be so much fun!

3 thoughts on “Bloom – one flower four ways”

  • Those single stems in individual containers reminds me of white washed wood, porches, sand in the shoes, water running, ice tea and bees buzzing. The 3rd photo from the top is lovely and the pitcher with roses, bliss.

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