30 Vegetarian Pizzas – Green olive, lemon and pine nut


Well it had to happen right? A bit of a blooper. I wanted to adapt a well loved pasta recipe on the top of our pizza this week. Here is the original recipe. We eat this pasta dish once a week, we love it so much. It’s easy peasy and delish.

So I thought that the flavours would work well for pizza’s too. My big dilemma was what base to use. A tomato sauce wouldn’t work with the other flavours so I went to ricotta again.

I mixed the parsley and veggie parmesan cheese with the ricotta and spread it over the base. Then scattered the pre-toasted pine nuts, lemon zest, a touch of garlic and olives on top of the ricotta.  We baked it as usual.


It wasn’t that bad just not as nice as the pasta recipe or the other ricotta based pizza I made the other week. The olives needed chopping smaller so you got more olive in each mouthful and I would be tempted not to spread the ricotta out so much but leave dough showing. I’d then drizzle olive oil over before serving. I will try it again because those flavours should work.

Oh and the stray courgette in the above picture was another topping I was trying that also didn’t turn out so good!

But you have to experiment and not everything is going to work out but that’s okay, we still ate it!