Bloom 3.0 – Cetranthus and Viburnum


The most wonderful thing about Viburnum opulus is that it’s three plants for one! You start off getting the bright acid green tiny pom-poms which morph into big fluffy white balls of mini flowers and then the berries in the autumn. A perfect shrub.

When I stepped out into the rainy Tuesday all I knew was that I wanted some of those snowballs in a vase. I cut the other flowers/foliage because they seemed to be the only stems available.


As well as the viburnum the arrangement also includes geranium macrorrhizum, alchemilla mollis buds, sweet william buds, cetranthus ruber and the delicate little pink flowers are saxifraga umbrosa.

I was wondering, as I arranged, if florists wire the stems of the viburnum when the heads get this big because you can see how most of these snowballs are flopping. If anyone knows the answer to this please let me know!


Loved how this little jug of flowers turned out. And I have loved joining in the flower arranging fun hosted by Erin over at Floret. It has inspired me to look everywhere in my garden for little gems to use in bouquets and I love seeing everyone’s arrangements.