30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Pineapple and cheatin’ Ham


Here is number seven! And both Gav and I agree this is a new fav.

I hate to admit that I got the idea from a Pizza Hut recipe. It is many, many years since we had a pizza from there but this one stuck in my mind. Not that we ever ordered it because it has ham on, but I always wondered what the combination of ham and pineapple would taste like.

We have our usual tomato sauce. But for the base Gav replaced about a 80g of the white flour with wholemeal – don’t say we never ring the changes!


We used the pre-grated hard mozzarella and Quorn ham with small chunks of fresh pineapple.

I really like mixing sweet things like raisins with savoury food but Gav does not so I was very surprised he liked this so much. The Quorn ham stood up well to being baked and still tasted like it usually does and the pineapple was sweet and juicy. Mmm… could eat another slice right now. The wholemeal flour wasn’t distinguishable although you sort of knew it was different to normal.


We will be adding this to our regular rotation of pizza toppings, it was delish.