Bloom 3.0 – update mid May


I’m back to share another little update on this flower growing project. After years and years of seeing this technique used to support perennials and other flowers in the border I have finally given in and am giving it a try.

At the bottom of the garden there are currently four large raised beds where we have grown vegetables for the last few years. Gav wants to move the site of the greenhouse down to this part of the garden so the two beds on the right hand side were going to remain empty this year so he can get started with the foundations of the new greenhouse.


But that seemed a shame. All that lovely space wasted. So I have commandeered one of the beds for flowers. Above you can see where I removed half of the black plastic that has sat over the soil all winter. The wonderful lush growth to the left of this bed is one of the three rows of Sweet Williams. I am waiting, not too patiently, for them to burst into flower.

Covering the soil with some barrier like black plastic may not look pretty but it keeps the weeds down and that means that it is quick to dig over. Here I lifeted the other side of the plastic and there are only weeds growing around the edges of the bed.


I added a trug-full of garden compost to the right side after digging it over.


Then I planted up the left side with Centaura cyanus, Ammi majus, Calendula officinalis and Salvia viridis.


And because I have all that space I wanted to try out this way of supporting plants just to see if it really does work.


The net isn’t quite as taught as I think it should be but hopefully it will work.


I shall plant the other side up in a couple of weeks when I can put out some of the half hardy annuals and I’ll keep you posted on the outcome of my little ‘supporting’ adventure.