Enjoy, look forward, repeat.


I was thinking about this subject the other day and smiling to myself. I thought I would share and then maybe you can smile to yourself too.

I look forward to things. Simple things that involve the two of us together, Gav and me.  Like the other Monday when we had our dinner of  veggie ‘dawgs’ and beers with the opening day of the baseball. Or our silly conversations about going back the US or living somewhere else or re-planning the garden. Or our almost weekly pizza nights, where the dough is always late getting started and we are ravenous by the time the home made delights are ready.

I look forward to the same things over and over and over again. Like watching episodes of Elementary together or reading nights or enjoying a cup of tea/coffee together in the garden.

I may not be an adventurer. I may not embrace life to the fullest. I may not have everything I’d like in this life.

But I have those times, simple and fun. Entirely repetitive and entirely ours.

Let’s celebrate them and remind ourselves of those times because there are there when we look and are just waiting for us to wrap our arms around them and indulge.