Bloom 3.0 – Tulip and Euphorbia


It was such a lovely evening last Wednesday that I had to go out into the garden and cut some flowers. I picked some sad looking ‘Mickey Mouse’ tulips, wallflowers, Euphorbia oblongata, Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) foliage, Myosotis (forget-me-nots) and a few Clematis stems.

Earlier in the week I had dug over and replanted part of a herbaceous border and in the process I had removed several clumps of Euphorbia griffithii ‘fireglow’. I’d seared the stems of about five of the bract/flower spikes and left them in a vase on a bookshelf because I couldn’t just throw them away!


Faced with a mix of flower stem lengths I chopped them all short, re-seared the Euphorbia and looked for a vase. Something different to my usual.

Finding this little painted terracotta pot was serendipity and I just went for it. (The photo a day on Wednesday last week was of all these flowers before I arranged them).


After I finished adding all the flowers I had on hand I wasn’t happy with it at all but I just left it overnight and when I came to look at it in the morning I loved it. You can probably tell that by all the photos I have here!


I know it isn’t perfect. It would have been more balanced with some yellow to match the yellow on the tulips but even so I adore it and that little pot is perfect. You’ll be seeing that again I assure you.