Even little things can make you smile


I’m having one of those Mondays. You know the ones where you don’t fit right in your own skin? It could be any day of the week but the fact that it is Monday makes it just a little bit more ugh.

I went through my usual routine. Took Buddy out for a walk. Got back. Fed him. Put the kettle on. Made my first cup of coffee. I leaned up against the sink and looked out into the garden hoping to see something that would make me smile.

About three weeks ago one of our neighbors removed a big old Sycamore tree from their garden. I really don’t like trees being cut down, even though we have a log burning stove and therefore obviously need wood, maybe it’s the noise that gets me through to my bones. Anyway apart from chuntering to Gav about the cutting down of trees generally I also kept saying where will the Magpie’s nest? They have nested in that tree ever since we have lived here, that’s over ten years.  (Just as a side note Magpies, I know are not everyone’s favourite, they aren’t mine either but still I was worried they’d have nowhere to live!)

So back to this morning and me searching for something good out there in the garden and guess what? Yep, I spotted a Magpie flying along, beak full of twigs making her way up to another tree which already had nest shaped ball growing in amongst the branches.

And I smiled.