Photo of the week – week three


I said last week that this was going to be a challenge and indeed it is proving to be. But what’s wrong with a challenge right? I managed to get a photo of my niece when we went round for dinner the other evening.

I knew I was working with poor light but snapped away anyhow. Sometimes us non-professionals just want the picture and we are willing to put up with poorer quality.

I had set up a custom white balance using a white lamp shade! I forgot the grey card. The light is a challenge at my sisters because not only is the room lit with just lamps but there is a string of fairy lights flashing on and off too and they are purple lights so that plays havoc with the lighting situation……. But they do look so pretty!

Anyway here is the picture I got.


Canon 550D, 50mm lens 1.4, f 1.4, exposure 1/100, ISO 1600, custom white balance.

When she brought that little cup and saucer to the table right in front of me I just grabbed the camera.

You can see the effect of the high ISO, it is not a crisp image. I should have put the exposure to 1/60 and lowered the ISO which would have made a less noisy shot. I do like the catch lights in her eyes though.

The white balance could still do with tweaking and I think I have serious issues with focusing but overall I quite like it. Plus it tells a story which is one of the reasons I take photos in the first place.