For the love of a manual typewriter


I thought it would be a passing phase, you know, you spend too much money on something you just have to have and then you use it twice. Well not this time. I have wanted an old-fashioned typewriter for a couple of years but I stepped up my search for one when I saw how useful it could be for those little captions and titles on my Project Life pages.


I’d mentioned that I was on the lookout for one to my Mum and about a month later she found this in a charity shop.


So I bought it and told Gav he could give me it for Christmas. And he did. And I can’t stop using it.


It is perfect and just what I needed. No more messing about lining things up to send through the printer or wasting paper because I just can’t get stuff to line up no matter how hard I try.


Now I just pop whatever I want to type on into the old-fashioned machine and type it out. Done and dusted and on the page.