Photo a week


Here we go then with a photo a week.

Like I said during the sum up of Photo a Day I want to keep learning about photography and to do that I have to push myself to concentrate when I’m taking photos and then evaluate them afterwards. I figured I could do that at least once a week……..

I think the Budster is going to feature heavily in these posts because I can’t get my family to pose for me. I know the rotters!

A couple of thing to remember. All the pictures I post in photo a week will be unedited, straight out of the camera. I may give my opinions about the more technical side of things like composition etc but they are only my opinions I am not an expert. Anything I have learned is through our good friend B and this online course.


Shot with a Canon 550D camera. 50mm 1.4 lens. f1.4, 1/80, ISO 100, auto white balance.

He’s laid in a chair in front of a north facing window. It was about 11am on 7 January 2014.

I was focusing on his eye. I don’t think it is as sharp as it could be but you can see the focus change from out of focus on his paw at the front of the picture to in focus around his head and out again just past his shoulder. Ideally I would have been just a tad further away from him but the room isn’t big enough. This is the downside of the 50mm. It’s an amazing lens and as it goes down to f1.2 gives a wide open aperture and therefore lets in a lot of light at f1.2 but it is ‘close up’ and you need space to get the best from it.

I like that I got him over to one side. The focal point of the picture, his head, is in the top left portion of the shot. And I love the  dark and light of the image. Maybe if I’d have got his other eye more visible but still dark it would have been better. And the other thing that is technically bad is that I chopped his back leg off. It would be much more pleasing an image to have his whole body in the photo. Finally, I like the catchlight on his eye.

Like I said I am no expert and I am sure that there are tons of other technical boo boos but there we go a week done. Now all I have to do is learn from these observations.