One Little Word

This idea has been around quite a while now. Here is a link to Ali’s post about her word this year.

I have so far resisted the urge to jump into this year-long project. I’m not sure why. I even sat in November 2012 running through words in my head trying them on for size to see if I could live with a word and take it to my heart. It wasn’t right then but it is now.

I saw the word ‘Listen’ on Karen Grunberg’s blog, it shouted out to me and I was hooked into this idea of one little word.

I am excited to begin letting this word sit with me, be with me.

Listen has so much to show me. There is so much to hear if I take the time to tune myself in.

  • Listen to the ones I love.
  • Listen to what people say.
  • Listen to my surroundings.
  • Listen to my heart.
  • Listen to my body.

I literally and figuratively talk to myself constantly. But do I really hear what I say? I think this was my jumping off point, the fact that a big flaw of mine is not actually paying attention. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

My journey with this word is already surprising me and we have only just taken our first step.


That amazing neon sign was commissioned for Radio 4’s Front Row programme.

2 thoughts on “One Little Word”

  • What a great word Listen is. I wish you much success with this Word.

    I have not yet settled on a Word for 2014 or at least a Word has settled on me. I did, for the first time sign up for Ali’s One Little Word class so hoping that a particular Word arrives before the first lesson.

    Happy New Year.

  • Thanks Mary-Lou. I’m signed up to Ali’s class too. I am sure your word will be right on time. ; ) Happy New Year x

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