The click tick list – gingerbread house and chocolate christmas cake

I love crossing things off my list and today I’m sharing two. Hoorah!

Make a gingerbread house. Check.


I used a recipe and template from an old Good Food magazine but there are plenty online and if I ever do this again I’d go for a different one.

I must admit that this whole project was a challenge. I made the house a few weeks ago. The dough was very tricky to roll out, it kept breaking up, so by time I had cut all my templates I was really happy to have that part finished I forgot to cut windows in the dough!

I used royal icing to stick the walls together. Can’t remember if I’ve ever used royal icing before I found this a challenge too. Here are the walls ready for the roof.


And once side of the roof going on.


Even though this is not my best work I do love it especially the little log pile at the back of the house.


What I have learned from making this festive treat is that it takes deep breaths and patience. I would use more colour coordinated sweets if I made one again and probably copy a recipe rather than giving it my own twist. But at least it’s crossed off and I have used royal icing.

And the next thing to get crossed off the list is make a chocolate christmas cake.


I used this recipe.

It is very delicious and very like a fruit cake with a hint of chocolate. My favourite part is the big juicy prunes. I probably should have chopped them smaller but I like that chewy texture.

I’d definitely make this again.