December Daily™ – Day two, three and four


Catch up time!

I got an opportunity to look after my younger niece on Monday so I snapped this shot of her. Gav and I had our traditional treat from Betty’s and I trimmed the tree at work. I wrote a little about how I am the little elf when it comes to decking the halls at work (or anywhere!)



Popped some writing directly on the photo of the Noel frames and then added some felt ribbon and star washi tape to echo the silver transparency.


Teamed up with H on Wednesday when we went to my Mums to help trim her tree. I need to add some writing to this page. I was only later today when I thought about that hours worth of fun we had and realised I hadn’t really documented my thoughts about it. Will probably write around the photos like a border.

Love the look of that vellum with a photo underneath.



And there we are caught up.


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