Month: November 2013

Photo a Day – week forty five


Now the clocks have gone back I’m finding it harder to get photos done before it gets dark. But we try.








A few details – the first frost of the season, not sure how effective that napkin is for blocking out firework noise……. peanut butter and banana sandwich (really needed deep-frying right?), new slipper boots (my wonderful old purple ones fell apart), shopping for tulips, a little still life and the Budster. 

December Daily™ – Front Cover 2013


And so for the last instalment before December I’m back to share my cover for this years album. I mentioned last week that my inspiration had come from a few images over on Pinterest. I liked the embossed numbers here, the glitter on print here and the combination of text and colour and composition here.

With those things in mind I cut a piece of the packaging from a Becky Higgins page protector packet to the right size and made a duplicate for the back cover. Going for a slightly larger size this year about 7 x 5 inches.


Then using gel medium I adhered torn scraps of old dictionary pages to the edges.


As I only had gloss gel medium I toned down the shinyness with some white acrylic paint.

To achieve a similar effect of the embossed numbers I adhered a variety of number stickers to a smaller sized piece of card and painted over the numbers in white acrylic paint. Quite a few coats were needed.


I knew I wanted an element off to the side so I left that portion of the card blank as it would be covered up.

I matted the numbers card onto a sliver piece of paper to define it a little more.


I then covered most of the text with glitter which doesn’t show up so well in this photo but it is there and then tried a silver metal frame that had been forgotten about for several years. Clearly waiting for this project as I loved it placed there.


What better than to put the 25 in the frame, echoing the numbers but as the 25 is the main feature of the album have them all glittery. You can see that I added the foundation pages and book rings. They are 2 inches.


I left the little book sit for a day or two as I thought it needed something else on the front but wasn’t sure what.

After some pondering I realised that all my previous December Daily™ albums have had ribbon of some kind on the covers so I had to add that, then I added glitter to some wooden stars and stamped the date on a metal rimmed star tag, added a shiny heart and it was complete.


You know I always say this but it might be my favourite so far.


Until December. x


December Daily™ is a memory keeping idea and album developed by Ali Edwards. December Daily is a trademark of Ali Edwards Design Inc.

Project Life® – Florida weeks


For our weeks in Florida I kept it really simple. It was hard to make myself only choose one photo for each day but I know I’ll be making plenty of regular 12 x 12 pages so don’t need to go into too much detail in the Project Life® album. Just a snapshot.


Gav adored his 4 x 4!



Using 3 x 4 cards from the Honey edition I wrote a little from each day, added a day of the week and called it good. Actually loved doing it super super simple.



And that completes weeks thirty-three thirty-four and half of thirty-five.


Project Life® is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. Go here to find out more.

Still on the reading list – 2013


I haven’t left many books in my wake this year. But I have a pile still to go at and luckily there will always be something else to read which makes me very happy.

I posted about a similar sized pile of books in the summer last year. Read about that here. I realised when I just looked at that post that there were some of those books that I still haven’t read and I forgot to put on this years pile and some that I gave up on the idea of reading them at all and some that made both piles but I still havent finished.

I am sure that I have rumbled on about my super annoying picky-ness regarding what I’ll read and what I won’t. And how I try to push my comfort zone but really know I just like to read what I like to read. Although having said that a favourite blogger (and avid reader) of mine often talks about reading a book for one of her book clubs, not really wanting to read it but then enjoying the book imensley. Hmm…. Food for thought.

So there it is. The latest stack of reading goodness just waiting for me to embrace and delve in.

Photo a Day – week forty four


A happy mix of Halloween and everyday life.








A few details – he can’t be comfy on there, the very last Calendula, decorating Halloween cookies, breakfast with H, festive hearth at my sisters, the very first Egg Nog of the season, Gav’s french onion soup.

December Daily – foundation pages 2013


Here I am back with the foundation pages of this years December Daily™.

Before I get started I just need to say how great I think Ali’s approach is this year. (Like every year right?) Love the way she is getting set up and giving herself options during the month. Initially I thought I would follow along and not plan out the whole album but in the end I couldn’t do it – lol.

Because I usually get behind with these albums planning ahead is a sensible option for me so here are my pages so far.

As always I have a bit of a theme running through the number elements. Some on little envelopes, some on metal rim tags and some on Tim Holtz fragments.


The main new products to feature in this years album are the festive papers from Teresa Collins ‘Santa’s List’, Dear Lizzie vellum from American Crafts, Studio Calico speech bubble chipboard stickers and silver glitter alphas from American Crafts.

Here is a close up of one of the kraft envelopes. I added a punched number from a Santa’s List paper.


I cut down a divided page protector and stitched the open end closed, first adding a glittery number attached to a metal rimmed tag and a few stars.



A couple of years ago I used fold out pages but last year forgot to do this so I prepared a few in advance as I love this additional spot to tell a story.


Some more of the leftover page protector. This time about 4 x 5. I added the word Twinkle onto the top of the plastic. Got this idea from Ali. And used some adorable star washi tape this time to seal the cut edge and placed it at the ring side of the album.



Varying the sizes of the pages along the way and it wouldn’t be a December Daily™ album without a red envelope.


Another part of that page protector. This time I adhered the number onto a Tim Holtz fragment. I also put a piece of a book page onto the back of the fragment and added some sequins into the little pocket before sewing it closed.



Look at all those adorable layers and textures. Am I allowed to sing my own praises?





I haven’t put a number on the page for day twenty-two yet but added the word ‘joy’ to the outside of the plastic again.



And finally day twenty-five, another fragment attached with a star brad and the wonderful glittery numbers.


And there we have it. Almost all pages ready to go and I feel great about getting this done.

I’ll be back again with the cover of the album soon.


December Daily™ is a memory keeping idea and album developed by Ali Edwards. December Daily is a trademark of Ali Edwards Design Inc.

Click tick list – Photograph 100 gardens


More Florida gardens. After Miami we headed up to Orlando to the house we had rented for the rest of our stay in Florida.  But as we were so close to three more gardens from the book Gav and I went on an overnight trip down the Gulf of Mexico coast to see them.

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota.


Amazing views and amazing plants.


The gardens hold a huge collection of orchids and also epiphytes. These are plants that grow on other plants but non-parasitically.


They conjure up a prehistoric feel.


There were some visitors from the nearby Hudson Bayou.


I cannot resist a duck. Especially a baby one.


Looks like the fish can’t resist either.


We also found a great tea house, situated inside the gardens, serving samples of tea from all over the globe and the lady serving the tea that day was from England! We had a good old chat about what she was doing there and her love of Florida.



Then we went for lunch and a friend joined us…….


Eeeek!! We went into the cool air-conditioned cafe to escape the local wildlife.

And after a cool down we set off for another wander.


What’s this?


Yep. A coffee plant. Amazing!


We made a whistle-stop visit to another garden listed which was part of the Ringling complex. The house and gardens are called Ca d’Zan.


A very impressive house set in landscaped Italianate gardens.



The next day we went to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates.

Here I am stood next to a statue of Edison. And those trees behind us are actually just one tree! A Banyan tree.


The one here was planted in the 1920’s and is thought to be one of the largest in the continental USA. A sight to see the Banyan tree sends down tendrils that when they touch the surface of the soil become another trunk.

There were great views here too.







Although the grounds are beautiful you can’t forget who owned and planted these gardens as they a dominated by a huge Ficus tree. Ford and Edison along with another neighbour of theirs were searching for a domestic rubber source. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that another friend of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford was Harvey Firestone.


History and beautiful gardens and of course more ticked off the list.

Project Life – week thirty one and thirty two


A big stack of photos arrived and in the mix of holiday ones were a few weeks for Project Life® so I got going and completed a couple of weeks.

An ordinary week with lovely sunshine and produce starting to come in from the garden.


Week thirty-two was the last full week before we went away. There is a checklist that Gav and I had been working on for a couple of months tucked right into a 4 x 6 pocket and some photos of the pre-holiday lunch at my sisters.


I am just loving the Project Life® kits. Just. Love. They make it easy and speedy to coordinate and the sentiment cards are adorable.


And there we have another two weeks done.


Project Life® is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. Go here to find out more.