Christmas projects 2013 – book page trees


Here is my attempt at these beauties. I went in search of little terracotta pots but didn’t find any so I picked tiny metal buckets instead.

What you need:

  • book pages torn into various sizes
  • sturdy wire
  • little pot or bucket
  • florist foam
  • tissue paper
  • washi tape
  • 2 wooden stars

I used the florist foam inside the bucket to hold the metal stick. I glued it in place as once you start threading the paper the ‘trunk’ of the tree moves about so I glued it into the foam to stop that happening.

I also covered the bottom of the wire trunk in a print washi tape as the green of the wire was too obvious.  Then I started threading the different sizes of paper starting with the largest squares and getting smaller as I went. Something else to bear in mind when threading is to try to keep the paper as tight on the wire as possible because of the hole gets too big all the paper flops to the bottom od the wire.

I cheated as this happened to me. I wrapped little strips of the washi around the trunk to hold up the layers a little bit. On the originals I think the used wooden skewers for the trunk and I guess that might work better as the wood isn’t a slick surface for the paper to slide down.

Anyway I got there in the end and added two wooden stars to the top of mine.


I finished off by adding some scrunched tissue paper to cover the florists foam. I’ll definitely try another of these they are so cute and festive.