Eight Films in November


Gav has embarked on a little film watching project -30 films in November – and so that he doesn’t have to watch all of them at 11pm at night when I’ve gone to bed, I agreed to watch eight with him. So Sundays and Thursdays are our film nights throughout the month.

If you have read here for any time at all you know I’m a picky devil when it comes to films and books. Has it got a happy ending? No trauma to children or animals? Is it an all-star cast? You know things like that, but actually he’s done a great job at selecting stuff he thinks I’ll either suffer through or quite like.

So far I’ve watched a 1950’s all-star melodrama in Written on the Wind, a documentary with Keanu Reeves talking to film industry bods about the pro’s and con’s of film vs digital (amazingly interesting – no really!), a documentary to commemorate 50 years of James Bond and Roman Holiday. A mix indeed but so far so good.

Up next is a Fistful of Dollars. I’m getting out the poncho as I type……